Payg Phones – A popular choice among the mobile phone buyers!

The mobile phone market is dynamic as there are so many changes happening in the industry constantly. Apart from the changes on the technology front, that are evident with the new mobile phone launches taking place every now and then, the companies also keep coming with new ideas and deals to make the mobile handsets easily available to the users. These deals not just ensure that customers get the best benefits but the variety of these deals also make sure that there is something in the market to suit everybody’s taste.


If we talk specifically of the UK market, the mobile phones can be classified into three categories on the basis of the deals that they are offered with. These are Contract phones, Pay as you go phones and Sim Free phones.

When somebody buys a payg phone, he is required to pay the full amount of the phone in advance. There is no monthly fixed amount that they have to pay. They can simply top-up, depending upon the amount of mobile phone usage they require.

Payg offer distinct advantages to the users that are not offered by any other kind of phones. Buying a phone with a pay as you go plan makes sure that users remain directly in control of their spending. As they pay in advance for the usage that they are going to make in future, the users are not faced with any surprise bills at the end of the month.

Payg deals are quite popular in the UK market. They are offered by all the retailers and the handsets of all the major mobile phone manufacturing companies are offered with these deals including Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola and Nokia.